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Exam Proctors

What is a proctor?
A proctor is a person who administers and supervises examinations for LSU Independent and Distance Learning (IDL) courses

How does a student choose a proctor?
Louisiana residents must test at one of the approved Louisiana testing centers, or at the IDL office. Overseas residents test at local universities or American embassies. Deployed military personnel must work with their unit’s education officer regarding testing arrangements. Military personnel in the U.S. may make arrangements with the education office or an accredited college testing location. Out-of-state students must test at the testing office of an accredited post-secondary institution. If such a testing office does not exist locally, he or she must secure LSU IDL approval for a proctor. A list of non-Louisiana pre-approved proctors are available by clicking here.

Students must first receive permission from an individual before designating him or her as their proctor.

Who can be a proctor?
If there is no pre-approved proctor or approved testing site available, the student must choose a proctor who meets the standards for approval by LSU IDL. The student may request approval for a full-time faculty member or administrator of an academic unit of a local college or university that is regionally accredited, or an ALA-accredited librarian at an academic or public library. We cannot approve persons who work part-time or as adjuncts or graduate students at a college or university; nor can we approve co-workers, personal friends, relatives, tutors, neighbors, personal advisors, pastors, employers, schoolteachers or administrators (elementary, middle, high school), any person associated with the athletic department or sports program of a college, university, or high school, or anyone with a potential conflict of interest. An exam must be sent to the academic work address of the proctor. Exams may not be sent to any person’s home, to a primary or secondary school, a place of worship, or a private business.

What does a proctor do?
A student’s exam is mailed to his or her proctor. Exams may be mailed only to institutions, not personal addresses. The proctor handles the exam according to the LSU IDL exam administration policies and procedures. Once the student has completed the exam in accordance with the directions and under the supervision of the proctor, the proctor will mail back all exam materials, including the exam questions and the signed cover sheet, to Independent and Distance Learning. A business reply exam return envelope is provided for testing locations in the United States.

Proctors have a responsibility to facilitate fairness and academic integrity for the exams they administer.

How can I be a proctor?
You may apply for approval if you meet the qualifications in the “Who can be a proctor” section, above. To apply, complete the proctor application online. You will be given two options—to serve as proctor for the one student who made the request, or to add your name to the pre-approved proctor list for students in your area. LSU Independent and Distance Learning will notify you regarding approval.

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