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Book Vendors

Book Retailers
You must buy your own textbooks and other supplies. Neebo CONNECT is the official online bookstore for Louisiana State University Continuing Education. Neebo CONNECT and the LSU-area bookstores listed below are notified of the specific editions of the textbooks required for LSU Independent & Distance Learning courses. All of the bookstores listed below are independently owned and operated; they are not operated by Louisiana State University or LSU Independent & Distance Learning. Please be aware of refund and buy-back policies before you make your purchase.

Books may also be obtained from any vendor that sells college-level textbooks, including online booksellers, university bookstores, and publishers, but you must purchase the correct edition of the textbook(s). Independent & Distance Learning does not sell textbooks (any exceptions are specifically indicated in your course guide), so please do not send money for textbooks to Independent & Distance Learning.

5240 South 19th Street
Lincoln, NE 68512
Fax: 402/421-0781

Chimes Textbook Exchange (Gonzales location)
432 N. Burnside
Gonzales, LA 70737

Chimes Textbook Exchange
268 West Chimes St.
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Co-Op Bookstore
3960 Burbank Dr.
Baton Rouge, LA 70808

You must use the correct edition of the textbook, as specified in your course guide. Please take care to provide the correct information about the author, title, edition, and date of publication when ordering your books. If complete information is not given when the order is placed, the wrong edition may be sent. Ordering textbooks by the ISBN is preferred and will reduce the chance of ordering the wrong textbook edition.

Textbooks are subject to change. Throughout the year, course textbooks change. Your online or print-based course materials include a complete listing of the required textbooks and materials specific to your course. Check the "Syllabus" or "Introduction" section of your course materials for textbook information and have the ISBN available before you contact one of these bookstores for price and ordering information. Secondhand and paperback copies of textbooks are often available. If secondhand or paperback books are desired, make that request at the time the order is placed. Always refer to the ISBN when ordering your textbooks to ensure that you have the correct edition of the textbook required for your version of the course.

When contacting any of the listed bookstores, please tell the staff that you need a textbook for an Independent & Distance Learning course. Independent & Distance Learning courses often use different editions than campus sections of the same course.

Supplementary Reading Materials
If access to supplementary reading materials is required, try your local library. If it does not have the books, you should be able to request them through interlibrary loan services. If the library requires proof that you are taking an Independent & Distance Learning course, notify Independent & Distance Learning. You may use LSU's Middleton Library if you live in the Baton Rouge area, provided you have an I.D. card. In order to obtain an I.D. card, you will need a letter from Independent & Distance Learning verifying enrollment in the program.

Special Features and Enhanced Course Guides
Several courses contain special features and enhancements as part of the instruction.

Some courses offer online assignment submission and/or a course guide available to students on the Internet. To take advantage of this option, you must have access to a computer and to the Internet (you may also complete the course in the traditional manner—a computer is not required unless you wish to submit your lessons electronically). Refer to the course description section in the bulletin or the fact sheet for the course for further details. Online functions are continuously added.

Some courses require access to an audio cassette tape player/recorder or compact disc player. An audio materials fee must be paid at the time of enrollment unless indicated otherwise. If tapes or CDs are required, the audio materials fee has been added to the course cost listed in the course description. If the tapes or CDs are optional, you may purchase them at the time of enrollment by paying the fee. If the listening component of the course is normally included in the textbook purchase price, there is no additional fee.

Some courses require access to a video cassette tape player (VCR). The cost for a video tape or tapes is usually $25. For some of our courses, acquisition of a video tape is a requirement and payment must be made at the time of enrollment, or you may be required to rent videos from your local video store or other source. For other courses, the video tape is an optional supplement that can be requested and paid for at any time during the enrollment period. Please refer to the course description section for details concerning tapes.

Some courses require access to a computer. Please refer to the course description section for further details.

Other courses may require access to e-mail. Please refer to the course description section for further details.

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Online Book Vendors

Major Online Book Retailers
When searching the Amazon site, you can either type the ISBN directly into the search box, or use the advanced search option if you need to use other information to locate your book. The advance search option can be reached by clicking the "Books" tab at the top of the page and then clicking the More search options hyperlink in the "Search Books" box. Never search by dates--the publication date and the copyright date may be different. Always search using the edition number of the ISBN (both available on the course fact sheet).

The search will return a list of options. Click on the one that seems the most correct, and note that the entry will tell you how many used and new copies Amazon has listed. Click on "used copies" to see other dealers selling through Amazon can direct you to, especially if you do not want to pay full price for the book.
The Barnes and Noble Web site has a separate section for college textbooks, accessed by clicking the tab at the top of the home page that says "New & Used Textbooks." Again, the best way to search is by ISBN, but if you don't have that, try what you do have.

Unlike Amazon, Barnes & Noble displays its new and used copies together on the initial search return list. All of the used books are sold through them, so there are no other booksellers listed. You just have to scroll until you see a used copy and click on it.

Note: The merchandise available through the Web site is not the same merchandise that is stocked in Barnes and Noble retail bookstores. Finding a book on the Barnes & Noble Web site does not mean you will be able to purchase it from one of the retail stores.
This site is run by eBay (see auctions, below), but there are no auctions here. All of the merchandise on this site is sold through individual members, as with eBay, but the prices are fixed. As on eBay, the books can be either new or used. After selecting the "Books" tab on the home page, you can do an advanced search to find your book.

Note: You must be a member of eBay to use this site. Registration is free.

College Textbook Sites
As these sites are all geared toward college students looking for textbooks, they are fairly easy to search. Each has a search engine readily available on the first screen, and a query will take you to a result list.

Some of these sites search several online vendors and allow you to compare prices and shipping fees before buying. You can also sell your book back to these sites, completing the book buyback cycle.

LSU Independent & Distance Learning is not affiliated with these companies. We cannot guarantee their services. Before you buy or sell books through one of these companies, carefully read the information on its Web site. If you do not understand the company’s policies, contact the company before you proceed. If you have problems with or questions about your transaction, refer to the company’s Web site and policies, and contact the company directly.

Rare/Used Book Sites
Comments: These sites are very helpful if you are looking for used, rare, or out-of-print books. All of these sites work the same way. You simply conduct a search, and the site returns a list of results. All of these sites offer you the option of listing a book and asking to be notified by e-mail if a copy is located.

You can sell anything on eBay, so it's no surprise to find used textbooks. Be aware that this is an auction site. If you place a bid on an item and win it, you are required to purchase the item according to the seller's terms. So, read eBay's terms and the item and purchase descriptions very carefully before bidding. The book you order may be $1, but the shipping may be $30. Bidders beware.

Note: You must be a member of eBay to place a bid. Registration is free.

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